Los Suenos Marina Charters

Endless shorelines and coastal coves define the Central Pacific. Navigating them proves to be an adventure.

It can also, however, prove to be frustrating.

The Los Suenos region is vast, vexing anglers with its countless inlets, waves, and tidal pools. Trying to plan a vacation can seem impossible, therefore. The options are too many, and the hours are too few.

Let Go Costa Rica Fishing simplifies the process with charters.

Choose from our collection of charter ships, enjoying luxurious interiors and top-shelf tackle. Each boat – from the speedy Abermarles to the powerful Mavericks – sails anglers into the Pacific, following established breeding patterns and seasonal shifts. Experienced crews effortlessly navigate the waters, finding Marlins, Sailfish, Wahoos, and more.

A Los Suenos charter transforms sport fishing into an unforgettable experience.

Contact Go Costa Rica Fishing to learn more about charter ships and specialty cruises. Be certain to visit our promotional pages to earn deals and discounts throughout the year.