Safety Tips

The Costa Rica Tourism Board has put together some safety tips for tourists travelling to Costa Rica

  • always carry a copy of your passport, leave the original (and all valuables) in the safety deposit box
  • DO use your original passport for banking transactions
  • Only exchange money at banks and authorized agencies
  • Use ATMS in public, well lit areas
  • Be wary of offers for help from strangers
  • Always count your money before leaving the ATM
  • Keep your goods close and safe – especially on public transportation
  • ALWAYS ask hotel staff for reliable taxi companies
  • Looks for the yellow taxi triangles on the door, and meters
  • Find a safe public area to consult your map, feel free to ask authorities for help
  • Do not leave valuables in parked cars – lock and close all doors/windows
  • If you have car trouble do not stop until you get to a safe place and call 911 immediately
  • Avoid offering strangers for rides or stopping for strangers
In case of EMERGENCY, CALL 911 from ANY phone
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