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Subject: The Advantages Of Private Fishing Charters In Los Suenos
(Posted on Jun 5, 2014 at 06:46AM by Lee Byard)

private fishing charter los suenosLos Suenos is meant to be explored. Some travelers simply prefer those explorations to be quiet, family-driven affairs. They don’t want to share the sea with strangers. They instead want personalized adventures.

Private fishing charters, therefore, are strongly recommended.

Private fishing charters allow travelers to enjoy the Los Suenos shoreline with just their immediate circles of family, friends or co-workers. They also provide certain advantages that can’t be found in traditional tours.


Specify the type of deep-sea or inshore fishing that’s to be done. Choose tackle and techniques, as well as locations and baiting options. Create the perfect itinerary on private tours.

Personalized Service

Smaller ships dominate the private charter industry and this leads to personalized service. Crews will not struggle to meet the needs of dozens of travelers. They will instead be focused on a select few. This ensures smooth sailing for all.

Greater Catch Rates

Fewer lines in the water promises greater catches on board. Private charters boast higher success rates than their public alternatives.

Private fishing charters are easy to find in Los Suenos. Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures to book one today, as well as to secure the perfect accommodations!
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