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los suenos grouperFirst-time fishermen may find themselves eager to touch their catches. Snagging a Grouper or Gar in Los Suenos is a momentous occasion, and many wish to celebrate it by posing for the cameras.

This is perfectly acceptable, as long as the slime coat is left in tact.

While on catch-and-release charters in Los Suenos anglers must be aware of the slime coat and take great care not to disturb it. This thin layer of mucuproteins covers a fish’s entire body, providing a barrier against the Pacific’s many microscopic dangers: such as bacteria, ammonia, fungal growths or parasites. It seals the skin and promotes quicker healing.

Without it a fish will succumb to the water.

It’s important, therefore, to never touch a Los Suenos fish with bare hands. Use gloves that are soaked in aloe (this helps to encourage new slime coat growth) and never take a catch from the water for more than sixty seconds. Keep the creature submerged and as comfortable as possible.

Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures to learn more about slime coats. Ask us also about our charter trips and accommodations.
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