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Subject: Choose The Best Bait For Groupers In Los Suenos
(Posted on Apr 8, 2014 at 07:39AM by Lee Byard)

grouper fishing los suenos costa ricaHidden among the rocky shores of Los Suenos is the Grouper. This teleost, with its hulking body and powerful jaw, often proves difficult to catch. Its natural caution couples with an endless patience, making it more likely to tuck itself into the dark and just wait for prey to pass.

Costa Rica Fishing Adventures recommends using the best bait to lure it out.

Live Bait

The Grouper doesn’t have a discerning palate and is content to eat most small breeds. For more immediate results, however, choose Cigar Minnows, Squids, Shrimp and Spanish Mackerels.

Artificial Bait

The Grouper is less likely to respond to artificial bait. If no other options are available, though, anglers should choose trolling feathers and skirted jigs. These will provide better deep-casting, as well as increased movement.


Visit the Los Suenos Marina to find all baiting items. Tackle shops, as well as docked charters, will provide essential information and support.

Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures to learn more about Groupers. Ask us also about our charter tours and accommodations.
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