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Subject: What Is The Proper Trolling Speed In Los Suenos?
(Posted on Mar 30, 2014 at 07:06AM by Lee Byard)

trolling in los suenos costa ricaSlow and steady wins the race.

It also ensures success in Los Suenos while trolling.

Anglers wishing to utilize trolling lines while in Costa Rica - wanting to take advantage of greater spreader coverage, deeper casting and more efficient control - must remember to reduce their sailing speeds. This method is meant to lure fish to the surface, tempting them with brightly colored bait and precise movements. Going too fast is counterintuitive: damaging every spinner and tangling the cables.

Slowing down is, therefore, important.

Maintain sporting speeds of no more than twelve knots while trolling. Don’t barrel through the water. Choose instead to move cautiously, creating a steadier drag and increasing the chances of snagging a fish.

To learn more about proper trolling techniques contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures.

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