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Subject: What Are The Sporting Qualities Of A Grouper In Los Suenos?
(Posted on Mar 25, 2014 at 03:14PM by Lee Byard)

grouper fishing los suenos costa ricaCamouflaged among the coasts of Los Suenos is the Grouper. This flat-mouthed fish, with its speckled body and stout frame, hides within the rocks, snagging unsuspecting prey with its crushing pharynx plates. It’s powerful, patient and a favorite of big-game anglers.

It also boasts one of Los Suenos’ best sporting quality profiles.


The Grouper is a massive breed, weighing up to 500 pounds and often surpassing six feet. It has exceptional strength and can easily overwhelm even large-grade tackle.


The Grouper isn’t built for speed. Its round frame makes sprinting impossible and long distance efforts prove too tiring. This fish tends to instead tuck itself beneath rocks or reefs and simply wait for food to pass.


The Grouper will fight when caught, tugging harshly at the line and diving deep into the water. It will also retreat into caves whenever possible, flexing its muscular body against the walls to pin itself inside.

Catching Groupers often proves difficult. Those wishing to snag them must remember to use large-grade tackle and to lure these fish away from their hiding places. Approach them in open water to ensure greater success.

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