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Subject: What Are The Sporting Qualities Of A Black Marlin In Los Suenos?
(Posted on Mar 7, 2014 at 07:23AM by Lee Byard)

black marlin fishing los suenos costa ricaThe Black Marlin holds a place of honor among anglers. Unlike its Blue or Striped siblings, this creature features a unique shape, with non-retractable fins and disproportionately small dorsals. Its dark coloring and rigid scales make it impossible to ignore.

Its sporting quality profile, however, proves truly impressive, branding the Black Marlin one of the most difficult fish to catch in Los Suenos.


The Black Marlin is one of the most powerful fish in the Pacific. Its massive body, which can exceed 1,000 pounds, destroys even large-grade tackle.


The Black Marlin can sustain speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. It is often considered to be the fastest fish on the planet.


The Black Marlin performs fewer aerial tricks than others in its class. It relies more on pure strength, snapping lines with a series of tugs and pulls.

Sport fishing is never easy. Trying to catch a Black Marlin, however, can prove almost impossible if anglers are unprepared. Have top-shelf tackle and utilize live bait. Let Los Suenos charter crews provide the necessary support, using trolling or dead-skipping techniques to improve casting chances. Be prepared for a lengthy fight as well. Some fish may take over an hour to bring on-board.

Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures to learn more about Black Marlins. Ask us also about our charter tours and accommodations.
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