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Subject: Store Lines Properly While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Feb 27, 2014 at 10:18AM by Lee Byard)

fishing line maintenance tips los suenos costa ricaFishing lines are remarkably efficient. They manage to withstand vicious tugs, pulls and twists. They spool out in perfect angles, even as they snag on rocks and reefs. They adapt to deep waters and sandy shores with equal ease, allowing anglers to seek out the most elusive marine creatures.

Despite the strength they display in the sea, however, they prove all too delicate on land. Every line snaps and breaks when improperly cared for - and that care begins with storage.

While fishing in Los Suenos all anglers must remember to store their lines correctly. Choose a space with lower temperatures and lots of shade (heat tends to dry out the filaments, causing them to fray). Avoid damp locations since bacteria or mold can grow on the cables, and be certain to re-spool them before tucking them away. This helps to avoid knotting.

It’s also vital to dry each line during the storage process. After each sport fishing trip, wipe them down with a soft cloth to remove all moisture. This will extend the life of filaments by many seasons and help to maintain appropriate tension and flexibility.

Fishing lines play pivotal roles in every deep-sea or near-shore charter. Store them properly.

Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures to learn more about tackle maintenance. Ask us also about our charter tours and accommodations.
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