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Subject: Protect Cork Handles While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Feb 26, 2014 at 07:16AM by Lee Byard)

cork handle maintenance los suenos costa ricaCork is a common sight in Los Suenos. Anglers rely on it while fishing, gripping it confidently as they chase down Dorados, Wahoos and more. It’s an ideal material, proving lightweight, balanced and receptive to vibrations.

It’s also, however, all too easily damaged when exposed to oily hands.

Cork is a sensitive material. Oils secreted through the skin easily penetrate it, stripping it to the core and weakening its structure. Fishing handles are rendered useless every season, and anglers find themselves wasting time and money to replace them.

This problem can be solved by simply putting on gloves.

Wear cotton or latex gloves while fishing in Los Suenos. These gentle fabrics will protect the cork, maintaining its shape and eliminating oils. This can extend the life of every handle by years, especially when coupled with wood filler solutions to smooth out any issues caused by saltwater or sunlight (cork has a tendency to turn brittle in deep-sea conditions. Keep it shaded and well-hydrated when not in use).

No longer fear broken handles. Use gloves to instead take advantage of cork.

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