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Subject: Casual Anglers Should Choose Half-Day Tours In Los Suenos
(Posted on Feb 11, 2014 at 03:45PM by Lee Byard)

half day fishing trips los suenos costa ricaCasual fishermen, despite what professional anglers insist, do exist. Marlins and Mackerels are seen as pastimes instead of passions, and charter tours become excuses for good conversation and local cuisine. These individuals care nothing for records. They merely want to have fun.

Costa Rica Fishing Adventures recommends that they choose half-day tours to find that fun.

A half-day fishing tour is, as its name suggests, a quick jaunt into the Pacific. It lasts approximately five hours and keeps anglers closer to shore, going up to a mere twenty miles beyond the breaks. It's less costly than its full-day sibling and often boasts a more relaxed atmosphere.

While in Los Suenos inexperienced anglers should consider half-day tours. These are excellent introductions to sport fishing, allowing travelers to quickly immerse themselves in the Central Pacific. They’re also more focused, with less time spent sailing into deep waters. This is especially helpful in situations where young children are involved. Stave off boredom and complaints with shorter expeditions.

Casual anglers should indulge in half-day tours, providing themselves with instant gratification and endless excitement. Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures to learn more about these charters. Ask us also about our accommodations and special promotions.
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