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Subject: Use Popping Corks While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Feb 3, 2014 at 03:20PM by Lee Byard)

popping cork los suenos fishingThe deep waters of Los Suenos can often prove challenging to overcome. Anglers toss in brightly colored baits and sinkers, hoping to tempt Mahi-Mahis, Sailfish and more. Beads and feathers aren't always enough to power through the darkness, however, and catching an impressive haul can seem impossible.

It’s not, as long as sport fishermen use pop corks.

Pop corks are essential in Los Suenos. These innovative options release a steady series of clicks, creating loud vibrations beneath the surface. These vibrations can be heard for miles and attract a variety of fish, luring them away from the rocks and reefs. The noise resembles a feeding frenzy, signaling that the bait is safe to take.

And this proves ideal for anglers who want to find more than empty hooks.

Use a pop cork while fishing in Los Suenos. Rely on sound, not color, to stir interest beneath the waves.

Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures to learn more about pop corks. Ask us also about our charter tours, accommodations and special promotions.
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