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Subject: Switch Baits While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Jan 31, 2014 at 03:04PM by Lee Byard)

costa rica fishing baitsConsistency is the cornerstone of sport fishing. Anglers rely on what’s familiar, using the rods, reels and lures that have snagged them their best catches.

Inject a little variety into every Los Suenos fishing trip, however, by switching up the bait.

There are many fish in the Central Pacific. Each day sees yet another breed's arrival, with strong migration patterns dominating every season. These creatures cluster along the coast, sharing reefs, shelves and prey. It’s important, therefore, to learn how to appeal to all of them.

Deep waters are forever changing, both in current strengths and light dispersion. This impacts the efficiency of bait. Adapt to these issues while fishing in Los Suenos by using different jigs, sinkers, swivels and more.

Anglers who prefer live bait should keep a revolving stock of minnows, night crawlers and similar options. Exchange these throughout the day to ensure more potent blood trails and colors.

Artificial fans should try a variety of shapes and patterns. Each of these baiting items will move differently in high tides, low tides or running tides. Switch them out to achieve the best results.

A little variation will earn big rewards in Los Suenos.

Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures for more baiting tips. Ask us also about our charter tours, accommodations and special promotions.
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