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costa rica coral reefLos Suenos is famed for its deep waters. Tucked along the shore, however, are coral reefs and coves, which may prove to better allies in the quest for sport fishing perfection.

There are many fish in Los Suenos and they are all, unfortunately, easily frightened. They tend to cling to the coastline, hiding themselves among reefs and shelves. It’s difficult to tempt them into deeper waters. They prefer the security of shallow pools.

Anglers must work with this pattern - not against it.

Sail toward the reefs while fishing in Los Suenos. Take advantage of heavy clusters of Yellow Fin Tuna, Jack Crevalles and other breeds. Use live bait to peak their interest, and draw them carefully out from beneath the coral. These creatures will appear if offered the right prey. They merely need a little coaxing.

Sport fishing in Los Suenos requires more than charter ships and top-shelf tackle. Instead shallow water planning is needed. Use the reefs to secure record-breaking hauls.

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