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Subject: Using Hard Baits While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Jan 22, 2014 at 02:56PM by Lee Byard)

hard bait fishing in los suenos costa ricaLive bait is often declared the only bait.

Anglers swear by it, refusing to even consider plastic lures or swivels. They simply can’t compare to the precision of live fish.

This is not entirely true.

Costa Rica Fishing Adventures understands the appeal of live bait. It’s earned its place among every tackle box and charter well. Its artificial siblings, however, do offer some distinct advantages, and anglers should be aware of these before making a decision.

Consider using hard bait while fishing in Los Suenos.


Hard baits are durable, able to withstand constant use and volatile conditions. This proves essential while visiting Los Suenos, where live bait can easily become battered by the strong currents and rocky shelves.

Less Costly

Live bait is expensive and, sadly, it must be purchased before every sport fishing tour. Hard baits, however, can be used again and again, saving anglers time and money.

Environmental Protection

Harvesting live bait can wreak havoc on ecosystems. Minnows, mackerels and other creatures are constantly chased, which can upset the natural underwater balance and cause population shortages. Hard baits eliminate this concern and strengthen sustainability.

Decide which bait is best for every Los Suenos trip. Analyze hard and live options before the next fishing season arrives.

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