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Subject: Fishing On The Perimeter In Los Suenos
(Posted on Jan 19, 2014 at 03:01PM by Lee Byard)

fishing los suenos costa ricaThere is no greater thrill in sport fishing than finally catching a fish.

There is no greater frustration in sport fishing, however, than having that catch scare away all other creatures.

When fishing in Los Suenos it’s strongly recommended for anglers to choose their positions carefully, seeking out the perimeters of their favorite deep sea spots. Don’t sail into the center of every migration path, barrier reef or continental shelf. Instead linger on the edges. If Marlins, Jack Crevalles or Mahi-Mahis are hooked toward the back of a location, they’ll be less likely to signal the rest of their schools with their struggles. Any fish in the middle won’t be aware of what’s happening.

This provides a greater chance to catch more creatures - instead of having them all scatter at the first sign of trouble.

Strengthen the success of every Los Suenos fishing expedition. Remain on the perimeter.

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