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Subject: The Disadvantages Of Using Wire Leaders In Los Suenos
(Posted on Jan 8, 2014 at 07:29AM by Lee Byard)

wire leader los suenos fishingA wire leader is often praised for its strength and durability.

Those fishing in Los Suenos, however, will have few praises to share. Instead they’ll find themselves cursing their equipment choices and wishing for filaments or cables.

Wire leaders are often used for salt water fishing. They feature many advantages and have - rightfully and fairly - earned a place in any tackle-box. Their distinct designs, however, make them poor choices for Los Suenos fishing tours.

Sharp Edges

Wire leaders feature sharp, brittle edges. If improperly handled these can cause damage to an angler’s hands and wrists. Cuts are common, and these boast greater chances of infection in Pacific conditions.

Frequent Twisting

Wire leaders tend to twist and turn, which makes them useless in Los Suenos. The strong currents and rocky seabeds will cause severe kinking - and this instantly impacts casting, spooling and backlashing.

Fish Preferences

Wire leaders are often ignored by the fish in Los Suenos. Groupers, Mackerels and Yellow Fins prefer softer monofilaments and will sometimes refuse to bite anything else. Days can pass without even the hint of a catch.

Anglers visiting Los Suenos should avoid wire leaders whenever possible. Use other tackle options instead to ensure more successful sport fishing expeditions.

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