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Subject: Remember These Lure Tips While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Jan 6, 2014 at 11:26AM by Lee Byard)

los suenos fishingFew items sway the success of anglers more than the lure.

This carefully designed attachment utilizes color, movement and vibration to tempt even the most fickle fish. It’s an essential part of every deep sea routine, and its many shapes - from the jig to plug, the spinner to the popper - allow it to effortlessly adapt to saltwater sports. It’s important.

It also, however, requires a few basic strategies to work, and anglers should note these before attempting to fish in Los Suenos:

Rely On Bright Colors

Costa Rica’s fish are drawn to bright colors and bold attachments. Choose lures, therefore, that shine in even the deepest waters. Seek out intense yellows, greens and reds. These options most resemble prey and will attract local predators.

Buy New Tackle

Lures have limited appeal. Salt water quickly strips them of their color and shine. It’s recommended, therefore, to purchase new options before attempting to sport fish in Los Suenos. Don’t rely on equipment that’s less than pristine. 

Use Freshwater Rinses

Fishing in Los Suenos exposes anglers to endless opportunities. It also, however, introduces them to corrosive salt and silt. Be certain to rinse lures in fresh water, therefore, to undo the damage of deep sea tours. Do this after every trip.

Remember these suggestions while in Los Suenos. Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures to learn more about lures. Ask us also about our charter tours, accommodations and special promotions.
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