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Subject: Monitor Monofilaments While Fishing In Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 28, 2013 at 07:25AM by Lee Byard)

los suenos costa rica fishingA broken line is a useless line.

This is a truth all anglers are familiar with. Many a sport fishing trip has been ruined by the sudden snap of a line, the loss of a lure. Trying to chase down Striped Marlins and Dorados becomes impossible when monofilaments fail.

Costa Rica Fishing Adventures understands this, which is why we now offer some suggestions to protect those lines during every charter tour.

Change The Monofilament

With time all lines fade, turning coarse and brittle. This will cause them to break. Change every monofilament, therefore, at the first sign of weakening. Casual fishermen tend to do this twice a year, while experienced anglers may swap their lines every few months. It varies by the type of fishing and the general wear.

Cut Away Sections

Should a monofilament seem unsteady - but there is no replacement is available - cut away the rough section and re-tie the leader. This will shorten the line considerably, but it will also ensure that it doesn't break during a fishing trip.

Stay Away From The Sun

Los Suenos is a region defined by sunlight. This is excellent for travelers but troubling for fishing lines. Monofilaments can be damaged by excessive heat. Store them in shaded areas, therefore, between bouts to avoid breakage.

Use these suggestions while fishing in Los Suenos to ensure tight lines and strong hauls.

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