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los suenos costa rica fishingSalt water hosts far more than Snooks and Dorados. It instead houses corrosive electrons, which move through the waves and attach themselves to any object that passes by - such as a reel.

When fishing in Los Suenos anglers must be aware of the potentially damaging - and costly - effects of salt water. Extended exposure to the Pacific can cause reels to rust. Lines will snap and interior corners will peel. This will render the items unusable.

Protecting reels while in Costa Rica is essential, therefore.

Be certain - after every sport fishing trip or family charter cruise - to soak all reels in fresh water. Fill a bucket at the Los Suenos resort and submerge tackle equipment in it fully for at least two hours. This will wash away the salt and eliminate concerns of rusting. Dry the reels thoroughly afterwards and store them in a clean environment.

Fishing in Los Suenos is undeniably exciting. It can also, however, be undeniably frustrating if reels fail. Soak them to avoid this problem.

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