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los suenos costa rica fishingAnglers, take note: fishing in Los Suenos is very much a catch and release affair.

Due to recent sustainability laws within Costa Rica, Los Suenos - as well as the rest of the Central Pacific - relies heavily on catch and release fishing. Endangered breeds, such as Marlins or Sailfish, cannot be kept. They must instead be returned to the water.

This requires barbless hooks.

Barbless hooks, as the name implies, are items without sharp barbed edges. They are instead smooth, which makes removing them far easier. They’re lightweight, efficient and eliminate harmful tears or cuts (both to the fish and the fisherman).

Using them in Los Suenos is strongly recommended. Barbless items are ideal for catch and release situations. They allow anglers to successfully trap, photograph and then unhook every fish - often without having to remove them from the water. This reduces the chance of injury and also promotes swifter casting.

Contact charter captains to verify if they offer barbless hooks. Rely on these tackle items while sport fishing in Los Suenos to promote better sustainability.

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