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los suenos costa rica fishingFishing in Los Suenos requires a steady hand and an endless bucket of chum.

It may also, however, require a baitcasting reel - if anglers feel up to the challenge.

A baitcasting reel is a cylindrical option that’s attached directly to a rod. It’s designed to move with the weight of a lure, with its spool unwinding automatically as more line is needed. It’s favored in  deep sea fishing or trolling, and its shape allows anglers to achieve a more accurate casting motion. Many swear by its precision.

Many also, however, swear at its difficulty.

Baiticasting reels are notoriously hard to master. Their heavy weights and fittings can be complicated, and they require superior mounting to be effective. First time anglers will not be able to use this item, and even experienced fishermen find themselves avoiding it.

Using the baitcast option while in Los Suenos could prove essential, though. These reels easily withstand the demands of Marlins, Sailfish and other predators. They keep lines straight, secure and spinning perfectly. Expect high durability and adaptability. This is a worthwhile tackle piece for Costa Rica.

If anglers wish to use this reel, they should consult with charter captains. See if the item is available for sport fishing, family vacations and more.
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