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Subject: Cloud Forest Tours
(Posted on Dec 19, 2013 at 10:00AM )

costa rica cloud forestCosta Rica offers numerous unique natural sights for tourists that are rare or non-existent elsewhere in the world.  

In addition to being one of the top charter fishing spots for sportsmen and casual fishers alike, Costa Rica also has the densest concentration of biodiversity in the world. That means tourists have the opportunity to witness a variety of flora and fauna they might not see elsewhere.
One of these unusual sights is the phenomenon of a cloud forest. Costa Rica cloud forests are characterized highland forests blanketed by something akin to a cool, heavy mist. These forests have 100 per cent humidity, which makes the air thick with moisture.
And all that water in the air results in lush green rainforests, mostly found in the south central and central highland areas of the country. So after spending some time fishing along the Pacific in towns such as Jaco or Los Suenos, travellers can work their way into the interior to get a glimpse of the cool cloud forest zones of Monteverde, San Gerardo de Dota or perhaps the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.
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