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Subject: What Is The Difference Between Fishing Poles And Rods?
(Posted on Dec 7, 2013 at 08:29AM by Lee Byard)

fishing los suenosEvery sport has its great debates. Is football won with offense or defense? Is the designated hitter rule a liability? Which basketball league reigns supreme?

Fishing isn’t exempt from this clash of opinions. Los Suenos anglers instead argue over key terminology - is it a fishing pole or a fishing rod?

The answer is easy to find.

According to the Fishing Loft, poles and rods are two separate entities, defined by their materials. Poles are recognized for their natural elements. They’re often shaped by cane, reed, bamboo or similar woods, making them flexible and lightweight. Rods, however, are manmade composites, blending kevlar, boron, fiberglass or graphite. This offers them greater durability and easier mounting.

Poles and rods are not interchangeable. Their constructions and tensile strengths instead differ - due both to their materials and their designs. It’s important to remember this when chartering ships along Los Suenos. Request the proper tackle equipment and don’t swap one option for the other.

Contact Costa Rica Fishing Adventures for suggestions on which tackles to use and how to use them.
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