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Subject: The Disadvantage Of Using A Barrel Swivel In Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 6, 2013 at 06:46AM by Lee Byard)

fishing los suenosA twisted line is a useless line.

Trying to capture fish along the coast of Los Suenos is no easy task, especially as filaments bend and break. Anglers struggle with every ray-finned, bill-nosed breed - only to lose the fight as their cables snap.

This is an unfortunate effect of bad luck and barrel swivels.

A barrel swivel is the most common connector, its ball-jointed body used often to attach leaders to lines. It’s a compact device, with double rings and metal-cast riggings. Its low cost and light weight makes it an angler favorite.

Its tendency to let lines twist, however, quickly makes it a failure.

The barrel swivel is not a recommended choice for Los Suenos, generating friction between leaders and lines. It causes cables to repeatedly turn, eventually knotting them to the point of breaking. This process is quickened in Costa Rica, due to the size and strength of the breeds found there.

When chartering a ship rely on other swivels, such as the crane swivel or ball-bearing swivel. Question captains and crews to verify their tackle choices, and visit local terminal shops to choose the appropriate options.

Seek out Marlins, Wahoos and other creatures without a fear of ruined lines and lost attachments.
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