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Subject: Striped Marlin Fishing Charters In Costa Rica
(Posted on May 16, 2013 at 02:49PM by Lee Byard)

Marlin fishing in Costa Rica is common. The breed dominates the Central Pacific, weaving along the shoreline and tempting anglers from across the globe. 

Those same anglers, however, may not be aware that Blue Marlins and Black Marlins are not the only available fish to find. Instead they have a striped sibling.

The Striped Marlin is a massive creature, often exceeding nine feet and weighing up to five hundred pounds. It features a distinctive shape, with an elongated bill and wide dorsal fins. Its name derives from the series of stripes that run along its sides. Their deep coloring is stark and striking.

A Striped Marlin is powerful, quick and relentless. This makes it a challenge to chase and an unlikely breed to catch, especially for novices. Choosing a Costa Rica fishing charter, like the Good Day, is strongly recommended. 

These ships are tailored for offshore fishing. Travelers will discover top shelf tackle and gear on-board, with collections of conventional, light and fly casting rods adapting to every need. Options like fighting chairs and outriggers provide support, while experienced crews effortlessly navigate the sea. Marlin fishing in Costa Rica becomes an obtainable adventure, rather than wasted hours and broken lines. 

Choose a Los Suenos charter, like the Good Day, for a successful trip.
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