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Subject: Choosing Luxury Charter Ships For Costa Rica Fishing
(Posted on May 15, 2013 at 03:45PM by Lee Byard)

Los Suenos fishing is far more than a collection of lines and reels. Instead it is a comfortable experience, with luxury charter ships providing ways for anglers to travel in style. 

hatta dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

Costa Rica fishing is no longer defined by Marlins, Dorados and more. Comfort instead is key. Luxury charters, like the Hatta Dreams, offer undeniable advantages to anglers. 


Los Suenos fishing is a sport shared between friends. Luxury charters ensure that those friends have enough room to cast their lines. These Costa Rica ships can accommodate large groups, providing ample decking, shaded lounges, sleeping quarters, kitchens and more. This allows every angler to move freely.


Fishing in Costa Rica demands more than fresh bait. Amenities are instead needed, providing distractions throughout the day. Luxury charter ships, like the Hatta Dreams, boast a wide range of features. Televisions, DVD players, iPod plug-ins and more keep anglers entertained.

Tackle and Gear

Every traveler knows that Costa Rica fishing is equal parts luck and equipment. Los Suenos charters can now at least guarantee the equipment, offering top-shelf tackle and gear. Customized rods, reels and lures strengthen every cast. Tackle options, like bait freezers or cutting stations, create extra support.

Fishing in Los Suenos is always an adventure. Luxury charters, however, make it an undeniable pleasure as well.

hatta dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

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