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Subject: Costa Rica Wahoo Fishing Charters
(Posted on May 15, 2013 at 03:32PM by Lee Byard)

Fishing in Los Suenos offers anglers the chance to seek out a variety of sporting breeds. Some of these breeds boast strength. Others instead offer speed. Costa Rica’s Wahoo, however, embodies both traits, making it a challenge for even the most experienced fishermen.

dream maker los suenos costa rica fishing

Wahoo fishing in Costa Rica is an undeniable thrill. This creature is long-bodied, with a large mouth and dagger-like teeth. Its blue scales are contrasted with iridescent stripes, and its tail is forked. The Wahoo’s lean frame allows it to move quickly through the water, achieving speeds matched by few. This pairs with powerful mandibles for a fish that is hard to catch and harder to keep. Lines will break and rods will bend. 

A Los Suenos charter, like the Dream Maker, becomes vital, therefore. These Costa Rica ships specialize in offshore hunting, allowing them to better identify and target the Wahoo. They offer top-shelf tackle and gear, as well as much needed support. They can seek out this solitary fish and give anglers what they need to reel it in, compensating for frantic movements and sharp teeth. 

Choosing a Los Suenos charter ensures that travelers remain in control, rather than leaving them to face snapped lines and snatched bait. The Wahoo is a wily breed. Help is needed to catch it.

dream maker los suenos costa rica fishing
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