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Subject: Costa Rica Pacific Fishing
(Posted on May 10, 2013 at 05:31PM by Lee Byard)

There is a universal fishing fear: sea-sickness. Anglers across the globe fret over rolling waves and rocking ships. Countless trips have been ruined by sudden illness -- rods and reels abandoned as the queasy, uneasy feelings begin. 

Los Suenos offers an alternative, however: calm waters.

sweet dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

Costa Rica is a country unlike any other, with a dynamic bio-scape and sustainable practices. It also, however, boasts stable sailing.

After leaving Los Suenos on a charter ship (like the Sweet Dreams) travelers will find themselves greeted by safe, steady waters. The Central Pacific coast, with its mountains and rain-forests, blocks most of the wind. The consistent regional temperatures eliminate sudden storms, and the migration paths of many fish are centered close to the harbor. This keeps anglers from venturing into deep water, where the waves tend to rise and fall more dramatically.

These elements all combine for effortless sailing, allowing fishemen to enjoy their Sweet Dreams' charters instead of worrying about illness. Sea-sickness is extremely rare in Los Suenos -- and that is an undeniable relief.

sweet dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

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