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Subject: Costa Rica: Fishing Speeds
(Posted on May 10, 2013 at 05:13PM by Lee Byard)

Slow and steady wins the race in Los Suenos. 

Costa Rica boasts the most diverse--and dynamic--sport fishing in the world. Along the Central Pacific region there are endless possibilities, with Marlins, Wahoos, Spanish Mackerels and more playing in the deep currents. 

Chasing after those breeds with a too quick ship, however, proves disastrous.

sail fish los suenos costa rica fishing

Fish are skittish creatures. They flee at the first signs of trouble, hiding themselves in inlets and seagrass coves. A fast-moving ship, therefore, is a poor choice for any angler: disturbing everything above and below the Pacific. 

Slow cruising is needed. Charter services, like the Sail Fish, should maintain stable speeds (22 to 25 knots) throughout the day. This helps to limit the possibilities of frightened Crevalles, Dorados and more. It reduces engine vibrations and eliminates sudden bursts of power. Noise is decreased; disturbances are fewer; and the result is success.

When choosing a charter ship, like the Sail Fish, determine the average cruising speed. Be certain that it falls within the suggested range and be willing to ask crews to slow down if necessary.

sail fish los suenos costa rica fishing

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