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Subject: Costa Rica: Sonar Fishing
(Posted on May 9, 2013 at 07:33AM by Lee Byard)

Costa Rica is a fishing haven. Along its sprawling shores countless breeds (like Dorado, Blue Marlins and Groupers) hide, tempting anglers with their bold colors and undeniable strength. 

Even experienced travelers, however, may find themselves unable to locate these creatures. The Pacific waters are too deep and the endless inlets, coves and shelves disguise even the brightest fish. Tracking them can be a challenge.

Using Side Scan Sonar techniques--like the ones offered on the Gunsmoke--can make it a far simpler process, though.

gunsmoke los suenos costa rica fishing

Side Scan Sonar, simply explained, is a way to better locate fish in Costa Rica. It is a transducer machine, towed behind a charter ship (like the Gunsmoke). As the ship moves through the water, the Side Scan releases acoustic signals up to 160 feet. These signals bounce off of objects, like fish, and then reflect back to the machine. When this occurs, an image appears and reveals what is below the surface.

This is an effective way to hunt for fish. With Side Scan Sonar, anglers can quickly discover which breeds are nearby. This allows them to adjust their lines, baits, reels and more -- without fearing mistakes or wasted time. It also helps to pinpoint the migration patterns of specific creatures and lessens navigational problems. 

And that is an advantage for every day and every fisherman.

gunsmoke los suenos costa rica fishing

Choose a Side Scan Sonar charter, like the Gunsmoke, today.
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