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Subject: Costa Rica: Safe Fishing
(Posted on May 9, 2013 at 07:06AM by Lee Byard)

Fishing in Los Suenos is often considered a gentle sport. The Pacific waves are steady, and even large Billfish (like Blue Marlins, Black Marlins and more) can be easily combatted with sturdy lines and reels. This is not thought to be a dangerous activity. Instead it is relaxing.

Choosing a charter ship--like the Sails Call--that provides access to safety equipment, however, is still necessary.

sails call los suenos costa rica fishing

A Los Suenos excursion is without peer. The scenery is striking; the fish are bountiful; and charter crews, like the Sails Call, offer experienced sailing. 

Not every crew offers up-to-date safety equipment, however. It’s important that anglers remember this, verifying the presence of life-rafts, fire extinguishers, life-jackets, first aid kits, distress beacons and more. Don’t assume that these items will be provided. Instead ask -- making note of what options are available and whether they will support all travelers on-board. 

Take advantage of tutorials as well. Some charters, like the Sails Call, provide basic overviews of equipment, allowing anglers to become familiar with items in case an emergency should occur. This is an important part of any Los Suenos fishing trip. It should not be overlooked.

sails call los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter a safe and fun trip on the Sails Call today.
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