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Subject: Costa Rica: Downrigging Dorado
(Posted on May 8, 2013 at 03:05PM by Lee Byard)

Tucked far from the shores of Los Suenos are many fish -- few as striking or as powerful as the Dorado. This breed, with its golden scales and flared fins, is a favorite among anglers. They often cast their lines into the Pacific, trying to find it.

This is a difficult task, however, without the aid of a downrigger.

scatterbrain los suenos costa rica fishing

A downrigger, simply explained, is a four component machine (consisting of a weight, a cable, a pole and a spool). It is attached to a charter ship, like the Scatterbrain, and then releases fishing lines to specific speeds and tensions. It is most commonly applied to the trolling method, where it can respond to different knot and depth demands.

And this makes it a vital part of Dorado fishing.

The Dorado can hide itself along the ocean floor, moving from current to current. This can prove challenging for anglers, often forcing them to readjust their lines and strategies. Downriggers, however, simplify the process and enable quick changes. Casting becomes effortless instead of difficult. Bait is always presented at appropriate depths and lines remain steady.

This is an undeniable advantage.

Choose a charter service, like the Scatterbrain, that offers downrigger access. This ensures successful Dorado excursions for all travelers.

scatterbrain los suenos costa rica fishing
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