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Subject: Costa Rica: Charter Value
(Posted on May 7, 2013 at 10:48AM by Lee Byard)

Fishing in Los Suenos is an undeniable adventure.

Fishing in Los Suenos without an all-inclusive charter service, however, is an undeniable problem -- with anglers spending hours on the Pacific without the proper gear, tackle or even food. Trying to reel in Snooks, Crevalles and Groupers suddenly seems less thrilling and more tedious. 

predator los suenos costa rica fishing

Choosing an all-inclusive charter service (like the Predator) helps to strengthen every fishing excursion. These ships provide more than experience and good conversation. Instead they keep anglers from packing too many rods, too many reels and not enough food.

The services are streamlined, with the appropriate tackle and gear chosen for any full or half-day trip. Each breed is unique and charter ships can adapt to every need, providing lures, bait, lines and more. This spares anglers the hassle of dragging a store’s worth of equipment on-board.

And, while every fishing vacation is centered around achieving a record-breaking catch, all-inclusive charters (like the Predator) also ensure that guests are well-fed. A  variety of snacks and drinks is offered, eliminating concerns of hunger or dehydration. 

With all-inclusive services anglers no longer have to fret. Instead they can simply enjoy themselves.

predator los suenos costa rica fishing

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