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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing: Specialities
(Posted on May 4, 2013 at 06:56AM by Lee Byard)

Along the coast of Los Suenos there are endless fishing opportunities -- both close to the shore and in deep waters. Every season welcomes the arrival of new breeds. The possibilities are endless.

So many choices, however, can prove overwhelming for travelers: forcing them to debate rods, reels, lures and more. Preparing for a day at sea can become an exercise in options -- with anglers piling every piece of equipment they can find onto a ship, like the Straight Up, and constantly having to readjust their strategies.

This is a mistake. It’s also one that is easily avoidable with a bit of tailoring.

straight up los suenos costa rica fishing

Before chartering an in-shore or off-shore trip on the Straight Up, anglers should first recognize their goals: which fish they want to seek, which equipment they prefer and which location most appeals. 

Tailor every half-day or full-day adventure to a specific type of fish. Target Snooks, Marlins, Dorados, Cubera Snappers and more -- but only one at a time. This will help to streamline the process, allowing travelers to focus on having fun instead of fretting over line depths or rod adaptability. 

There are many breeds available in Costa Rica, and all of them require different baits and tactics. Simplify every trip on the Straight Up, therefore: choose one fish to hunt. The days will be easier and the results will be stronger.

straight up los suenos costa rica fishing

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