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Subject: Costa Rica: Flybridge Fishing
(Posted on May 4, 2013 at 06:42AM by Lee Byard) Tags:

Costa Rica is famed as much for its panoramic views as it is for its angling. Many travelers may find themselves unable to indulge in both, however, while chartering ships -- if only because a lack of flybridges limits their sightlines and their fishing opportunities. They can’t see the shore while trying to reel in a Marlin, Dorado or Yellow Fin. There is always a compromise.

Choosing a ship with a flybridge (like the Wing Man) is important, therefore.

wing man los suenos costa rica fishing

A flybridge, defined simply, is a tall extension placed on a ship. It stands like a tower, shielded on its sides and allowing anglers to gain new perspectives. It also provides multiple advantages during a charter tour:

Extended Cabin Space

The flybridge serves as more than a way to hunt for fish. Instead it is a secure cabin. Anglers can utilize it for extra living space, indulging in the Costa Rica sights in style. Many are expansive, fitting up to four people at a time.

Weather Resistance

Costa Rica weather is steady: defined by high temperatures and salty breezes. Constant exposure to the sun, however, can prove problematic on any Wing Man excursion. A flybridge helps to reduce the risk, providing consistent shade. Paneled inserts along the sides also defend against the wind or occasional bursts of rain.

Greater Vision

Costa Rica is a diverse collection of landscapes and sea-life. A flybridge allows anglers to experience both, elevating their positions and granting sweeping views. This provides better access to the shore and allows for easier fish targeting.

A flybridge is an essential part of any worthwhile fishing excursion.

wing man los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter a tour on the Wing Man to discover larger cabin space, weather resistance and better views.
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