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Subject: Costa Rica: Flybridge Fishing
(Posted on May 4, 2013 at 06:42AM by Lee Byard)

Costa Rica is famed as much for its panoramic views as it is for its angling. Many travelers may find themselves unable to indulge in both, however, while chartering ships -- if only because a lack of flybridges limits their sightlines and their fishing opportunities. They can’t see the shore while trying to reel in a Marlin, Dorado or Yellow Fin. There is always a compromise.

Choosing a ship with a flybridge (like the Wing Man) is important, therefore.

wing man los suenos costa rica fishing

A flybridge, defined simply, is a tall extension placed on a ship. It stands like a tower, shielded on its sides and allowing anglers to gain new perspectives. It also provides multiple advantages during a charter tour:

Extended Cabin Space

The flybridge serves as more than a way to hunt for fish. Instead it is a secure cabin. Anglers can utilize it for extra living space, indulging in the Costa Rica sights in style. Many are expansive, fitting up to four people at a time.

Weather Resistance

Costa Rica weather is steady: defined by high temperatures and salty breezes. Constant exposure to the sun, however, can prove problematic on any Wing Man excursion. A flybridge helps to reduce the risk, providing consistent shade. Paneled inserts along the sides also defend against the wind or occasional bursts of rain.

Greater Vision

Costa Rica is a diverse collection of landscapes and sea-life. A flybridge allows anglers to experience both, elevating their positions and granting sweeping views. This provides better access to the shore and allows for easier fish targeting.

A flybridge is an essential part of any worthwhile fishing excursion.

wing man los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter a tour on the Wing Man to discover larger cabin space, weather resistance and better views.
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