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Subject: Red Snapper: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 3, 2013 at 06:43AM by Lee Byard)

The Los Suenos Red Snapper is a lean-bodied fish, with soft dorsal rays and flared spines. Its forehead slants dramatically, emphasizing its needle-like teeth and wide-spaced eyes. Bold red coloring is this breed’s most distinctive feature, however, and marks it as unique. Anglers travel often to Costa Rica to find it.

Without the proper lines, however, they aren't able to keep it.

nassaria los suenos costa rica fishing

The Red Snapper is not a docile breed (as any Los Suenos charter, like the Nassaria, will admit). Instead it is a fierce fighter, trying always to escape through:

Rock Support

The Red Snapper, when caught, will try to flee to the nearest collection of rocks. This is not so it can hide. Instead it’s so this fish can break free, dragging lines across sharp stones and reefs until they come undone.

Size and Speed

The Red Snapper, despite its lean frame, is a powerful creature. Its weight can exceed sixty pounds, and its muscular fins allow it to propel itself quickly through the water. It will use these advantages to battle the line and can often succeed in splitting it.

Anglers must remember this -- and choose heavy tackle and drags for every Nassaria charter trip. Don’t assume that a medium-weight line will suffice. Instead rely on monofilament materials, braided textures and flurocarbon elements (which provide a subtle shine, allowing fishermen to note positions and depth more easily).

This will help to ensure a successful expedition.

nassaria los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter a Red Snapper tour on the Nassaria today.
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