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Subject: Costa Rica: Groupers
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 03:09PM by Lee Byard)

The Grouper moves slowly along the Pacific shore, weaving its way through sea-grass and stacks of debris, tucking its body inside every crevice it can find. It is a solitary breed, patiently waiting for stray fish to pass by -- when it will then open its massive mouth and suck its prey inside.

This is the way the Grouper hunts. Anglers must remember this and adapt their tackle needs accordingly.

san carleno los suenos costa rica fishing

The Grouper is a common fish in Costa Rica. There are many charter services, like the San Carleno, dedicated to tracking it. Before any excursion, however, all anglers must be aware that this is not a deep-sea breed. Instead it is a bottom feeder and appropriate tackle is needed to catch it.


Choose medium weight rods with sturdy cores. The Grouper is not prone to fighting, but it is quite large. A strong, stable rod is needed to compensate.


Consider monofilament lines (up to fifty feet in length). These are resilient and can be easily weighted, allowing them to reach the ocean-bottom without a fear of sagging or breaking.

Terminal Tackle

Take advantage of sinkers, leaders and more while fishing for Groupers. These tackle options help to better control the lines, allowing them to fall evenly and keeping them away from charter ships (like the San Carleno).

The Grouper hides itself among the Pacific bottom. Use the appropriate rods, lines and tackle to find it.

san carleno los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter a Grouper excursion on the San Carleno today.
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