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Subject: Tackle Tips: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 02:59PM by Lee Byard)

The Roosterfish is an unusual breed, blending beauty with strength. Its spiny dorsal fins and iridescent coloring mark it as bold; its powerful body, however, brands it a challenge. Anglers often seek it out among the Pacific coast, chartering ships (like the Needle Fish) for in-shore trips.

The success of these trips, however, is determined by the tackle that’s chosen.

needle fish lose suenos costa rica fishing

Catching the Roosterfish is a simple task... if the proper tackle is used.


The Roosterfish boasts an impressive size, weighing up to one hundred pounds. Medium action rods are, therefore, needed. These offer stability in a fight and will allow anglers to better anchor themselves against their boats.


The Roosterfish is quick. Its reactions are immediate and fierce. A high speed reel is recommended to compensate. This will survive even long battles and keep pace with this breed.


The Roosterfish will never stop moving. That makes it a worthy opponent. Its constant flailing, however, can cause lines to break, bringing every attempt to an undignified end. A monofilament option is needed to keep this from happening. This provides the proper balance of tension and strength. 

Capturing the Roosterfish requires more than simple luck. Rods, reels and lines must instead be carefully selected.

needle fish los suenos costa rica fishing

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