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Subject: In-shore Fishing: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 02:53PM by Lee Byard)

First-time anglers often flock to Costa Rica. The landscape is without peer; the cities are charming; and the steady waves and steadier weather provides a perfect introduction to fishing.

Too often, however, do novices assume that a deep-sea excursion is their only choice. It’s not. Instead Costa Rica provides in-shore opportunities, which are perfect for inexperienced anglers. 

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In-shore fishing, simply defined, is angling that takes place in the shallow waters surrounding the coastline. For first-time travelers it also represents an ideal way to master basic skills and ensure a good time (especially when coupled with charter services, like the Seafari).

Shorter Trips

Novice anglers can easily find themselves overwhelmed on their first trips. Sailing out to deep waters requires an excess of time and patience. In-shore excursions, however, deliver faster results, turning the focus toward fishing rather than the journey. 

Breed Variety

Every angler expects to catch a fish. When a novice fails to do this, however, he may lose his enthusiasm for the sport. In-shore fishing trips (like the ones provided by the Seafari) offer a wide variety of breeds, including: Roosterfish, Snappers, Bonitos, Milkfish and more. This increases the chances of success.

All Seasons

Planning a vacation is a challenge, and some anglers may find themselves unable to arrive during the peak summer months. In-shore fishing in Costa Rica, however, is a yearly activity, with every season offering new creatures to catch. This eliminates stress.

In-shore excursions are perfect for first-time anglers, helping to ensure short trips, diverse breeds and yearly fun.

seafari los suenos costa rica fishing

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