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Subject: Cuberas In Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 02:46PM by Lee Byard)

Costa Rica inspires thoughts of deep sea angling and fierce fish -- lines straining beneath the weight of Marlins and Groupers, reels spinning wildly in a fight, rods threatening to break but somehow managing to survive. The Pacific offers excitement for all travelers.

There are thrills to find close to shore, however: Cubera Snappers are both plentiful and challenging.

barrilete los suenos costa rica fishing

The Cubera Snapper is an in-shore breed, clinging to the inlets of Los Suenos. Too often is this fish overlooked, with its tendency to hide among sea-grass and sandy shelters branding it an unassuming option. Anglers believe it will be a secondhand success.

This is a mistake and chartering a ship, like the Barrilete, will help to prove why.

The Cubera Snapper is just as exciting as its undersea siblings (like the Marlin or Sailfish). It boasts:


The Cubera Snapper is a solidly built breed, averaging three feet in length and weighing up to one hundred pounds. Its body is a stout collection of muscle and heavy scales. Reeling this fish in is never easy.


The Cubera Snapper is tailored for strength. Its body is dense, with a powerful tail and thick bones. This allows it to fight against the line, forcing anglers to choose stiff bottom rods, carbon leaders and more to compensate. The battle will be long and well-earned.


The Cubera Snapper, despite its considerable size, is not a bold breed. Instead it moves carefully through the shallow waters, ready to flee should predators arrive. It is stealthy, which makes it difficult to catch. Anglers will have to strategize every cast to increase their chances.

The deep Pacific waters offer undeniable rewards. Choosing to charter a ship (like the Barrilete) and stay near the shore, however, will please even the most demanding angler. Find adventure chasing the Cubera Snapper.

barrilete los suenos costa rica fishing

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