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Subject: Costa Rica: Snooks
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 02:41PM by Lee Byard)

The Snook is a slender-bodied fish, with high fins and a distinctively sloping forehead. Its mouth protrudes in a narrow line, while its tail is gently forked. Its soft scales are pale in color, with golden undertones and flecks of gray. This breed is noted for its quick speeds and high prey drives. It will flock to any source of food it can find.

This makes it a challenge for anglers to catch. The Snook is forever moving and forever unpredictable. Understanding basic fishing techniques, however, will allow travelers to confidently board their charter ships (like the ALIN).

alin los suenos costa rica fishing

Before attempting a Snook charter on the ALIN anglers should remember these rules:


The Snook hunts most often in the early morning or in the late evening. Do not attempt to catch this fish during the afternoon. The temperatures are too hot and the presence of so many boats will drive this breed away.


The Snook has a wide range and is always flitting from one current to the next. Sail into deep water to find it. Be willing to change course repeatedly, adapting to the different schools.


The Snook will eat everything and anything. Certain breeds, however, will tempt it to a line or net. Choose Pigfish, Sardines and Ladyfish. They move well and leave strong scent trails.

A Snook charter can be successful... as long as anglers choose the proper time, location and bait.

alin los suenos costa rica fishing

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