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Subject: Costa Rica Fishing Options
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 02:35PM by Lee Byard)

Costa Rica is the most diverse bio-scape in the world.

This is not an exaggeration, offered as a way to tempt tourists. It is instead a fact. This country, which comprises only one-third of a percent of the Earth’s total mass, boasts over four percent of its species. Within the 19,739 square miles is a dynamic collection of flora and fauna, representing both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

And it is this reason that leads many anglers to explore both in-shore and off-shore fishing.

fandango los suenos costa rica fishing

Costa Rica offers an endless variety of fish. Many anglers, therefore, expand their usual techniques, chartering ships (like the Fandango) for shallow and deep waters. This allows them to experience what the country has to offer. 

In-Shore Breeds

Along the continental shelves and sandy bays travelers will find many fish. The most common of these are Snooks, Snappers, Jack Crevalles and Spanish Mackerels. These creatures prove challenging due to their speeds and tendencies to hide among sea-grass, debris and more.

Off-Shore Breeds

Within the deep waters of Costa Rica there are countless fish. The most common of these are Blue Marlins, Sailfish, Dorados and Black Marlins. These creatures are noted for their strength and tenacity, making them difficult to catch.

The opportunities are without limit. Charter a ship, like the Fandango, to explore Costa Rica.

fandango los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter an in-shore or off-shore excursion on the Fandango today.
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