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Subject: Costa Rica: Roosterfish
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 02:29PM by Lee Byard)

The Roosterfish is one of the most distinctive Costa Rican breeds. This long-bodied creature is striped in gray and green, with faint lines running across its belly. The tail is forked and the fins are short. The most defining characteristic, however, is the row of seven spines fanning out along the dorsal curve, which resemble a rooster’s comb. 

It’s this feature that gives this breed its name, and all anglers are familiar with the Roosterfish’s unique appearance. 

All anglers are not, however, aware of how to catch this fish.

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The Roosterfish is among the most common Costa Rican creatures. Before chartering a ship (like the Goliath Bass) to chase it, however, anglers should be aware of a few basic facts.


The Roosterfish prefers the shallow waters close to shore. It will hunt among continental shelves, reefs and sandy bottoms. Deep-sea expeditions are not needed.

Low Volume

The Roosterfish has sterling hearing, with its swim bladder (which is directly connected to its ears) acting as a natural amplifier beneath the water. Anglers should, therefore, remain quiet on all Goliath Bass charter tours, keeping conversation, laughter and more to a minimum to avoid detection.

Live Bait

The Roosterfish is a voracious eater. It also, however, enjoys to chase its prey. Choosing live bait, therefore, will strengthen the chances of tempting it out. The movements and scent trails will appeal. 

The Roosterfish is an unusual breed. Tracking it, however, can be a straightforward process... as long as the proper locations are chosen, volume is restrained and live bait is used.

goliath bass los suenos costa rica fishing

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