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Subject: Costa Rica: Cuberas
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 02:21PM by Lee Byard)

The Cubera Snapper is a powerful fish, with a heavy body and stout tail. Its mouth is wide, with sharp teeth protruding from the bottom lip. Short caudal fins flair along its sides and highlight the gray coloring. This is a reef-dwelling breed, prone to pouncing on its prey. It is slow-moving but strong. 

It’s also one of the many creatures found in Costa Rica. 

wett ryder los suenos costa rica fishing

The Cubera Snapper lives in the shallow waters found along Los Suenos. Many anglers (after choosing a charter service, like the Wett Ryder) seek this fish out, hoping to find a challenge.

Choosing to hunt in the wrong season and with the wrong bait, however, turns that challenge into an impossibility. Anglers must understand basic Cubera facts before trying to chase them:


The Cubera Snapper is most active from May until August. 


The Cubera Snapper is found in shallow, off-shore waters (such as reefs, continental shelfs and sandy drop-offs). It will hide itself among seagrass beds and debris.


The Cubera Snapper is a carnivore. It relies on Shrimp, Crabs and smaller fish to survive. Bait should be a blend of these elements to lure this creature out.


The Cubera Snapper attracts many predators. Anglers should look for heavy populations of eels, barracudas and sea-birds to gauge a location.

Use these suggestions while on a charter trip (like the one provided by the Wett Ryder) and discover success.

wett ryder los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter a Cubera Snapper excursion on the Wett Ryder today.
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