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Subject: Costa Rica: Amberjacks
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 02:14PM by Lee Byard)

The Amberjack is a stout-bodied fish, with dark stripes running across its belly and a wide-forked tail. It has a soft frame, free of scutes or spiny scales, and its rich olive coloring is punctuated by rings of black around its eyes. It is a deep-sea hunter and a favorite among Costa Rican anglers. They often try to track it.

They don’t often catch, however, because they use the wrong bait.

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Amberjacks are a fickle fish. Any charter crew (like the one found on the Go Fish) will swear to that. This breed’s tastes are ever-changing, targeting a wide variety of small or medium prey. An angler can’t expect to attract them, therefore, with only type of bait.

Variety is needed.

When chartering an Amberjack tour from the Go Fish, remember to choose multiple options:

Live Bait

Amberjacks are more discriminating than their deep-sea siblings. They choose their prey deliberately. A variety of live bait becomes essential, therefore, to anticipate their moods. Try Grayfish, Croakers, Squids and Spots. If one fails, hook another. 


Amberjacks are an intelligent breed. Lures must reflect this, being of high-quality designs to attract them. Choose brightly colored pieces (rubber or vinyl materials are recommended) that feature mirrors or heavy beading. Beetles, Grubs and Minnows are strongly suggested. Toss these in at different depths to ensure greater coverage.

An Amberjack is a popular Costa Rican fish. Catching it, however, requires more than the basic rods and reels. An extensive collection of bait is needed.

go fish los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter an Amberjack tour on the Go Fish today.
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