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Subject: Marlin Lures: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 02:08PM by Lee Byard)

There are many anglers who swear by the notion of live bait. It is, they argue, the only true way to experience Marlin fishing in Costa Rica. All other methods are quickly dismissed.

Live bait has obvious advantages. It is not, however, the only choice to make. Marlins can instead be captured through lures, and charter services (like the Dream II) now promote both options to anglers.

dream ii los suenos costa rica fishing

A lure is a brightly colored plastic piece, mounted with hooks and trimmed with feathers, mirrors and beading. It is used to attract Marlins, with anglers tossing these into deep currents.

While some may believe lures to be ineffective, they instead boast several benefits:

Greater Coverage

Lures move easily within the water, rather than remaining in place like traditional bait. This increases coverage and attracts more fish.

Greater Control

Lures can be fully adjusted (and re-adjusted) as needed, responding to different depths, line lengths and casting angles.

Greater Safety

Lures--and their hooks--are less likely to be swallowed fully by fish. This reduces concerns of gutting and makes the Catch and Release policy of Costa Rica easier to adhere to.

Marlin fishing is not defined by live bait. Lures instead can be worthwhile alternatives. Discover the values of coverage, control and safety on a Dream II charter trip today.

dream ii los suenos costa rica fishing

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