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Subject: Costa Rica Crevalles
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 02:03PM by Lee Byard)

The Jack Crevalle is a long-bodied fish, with a forked tail and slim dorsal fins. Gray-stained scutes line its spine, while strong teeth peek out from beneath its pointed mouth. It is a Pacific predator, hunting along continental shelfs. It is quick, agile and clever enough to hide itself among seagrass beds and reefs.

This makes it a challenging option for anglers, many who use a charter service (like the Sunny One) to track the fish down. 

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Successfully reeling a Jack Crevalle is not a simple task. This is a fast fish with a high survival instinct.  

With support from a charter service (like the Sunny One) and the right bait, however, anglers can catch this wily breed. 

Live Bait

The Jack Crevalle is a carnivore. It only, however, attacks creatures that are smaller than itself. This is why options like Shrimp, Whitebait and Squids are ideal. They are tiny enough to tempt the Crevalle from its many hiding places and won’t be seen as threats.


The Jack Crevalle is among the more indiscriminate breeds. It has few requirements for feeding, bullying its way through small schools. Lures, therefore, should be considered if live bait is not available. Brightly colored Plugs, Bucktail jigs, skirted Grubs and more are ideal. These move well in the water, resembling the Jack’s favorite foods, and attract attention.

Baiting the Jack Crevalle is easy: as long as the options are appropriately sized and responsive. Anglers should not rely on anchored lines or even chumming (these fish will often feast on the pieces and ignore the hooks). Small live bait and well-buoyed lures are instead needed.

Take these on every charter service trip (like those offered by the Sunny One) and catch a Crevalle.

sunny one los suenos costa rica fishing

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