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Subject: Costa Rica: Bottom-Fish
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 10:50AM by Lee Byard)

Costa Rica embraces all fishing forms -- from on-shore reeling to deep-sea chasing to everything in between. Its diverse shoreline accommodates every angler, and each season brings a new breed to find. 

Many of those breeds stay far from the coastline, however. Instead they remain on the shelves and inlet bottoms, hidden from plain view.

A charter service (like the Dream Catcher) can help to draw them out.

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Bottom fishing is a popular Costa Rican option. Many charter services, like the Dream Catcher, provide anglers with access to a variety of creatures.
The most common of these are:

The Amberjack

The Amberjack is a large, dark-stripped fish. Its thin dorsal fins and forked tail propel it quickly through the water, allowing it to chase after its prey (which includes Squid, Crustaceans and more). It favors the Pacific bottom, choosing to hunt among passing debris.  

The Triggerfish

The Triggerfish is a large-headed breed, with a compressed body but strong jaw. This, when combined with its brilliant coloring, gives it a distinctive appearance. It favors bottom waters, resting often on continental shelfs or reefs.

The Grouper

The Grouper is wide-mouthed fish, with a flat body and high-set eyes. Powerful gills frame its sides. It moves slowly through the bottom waters but often hides in sand shelters or rock formations, making it difficult to catch.

These fish are among the many waiting beneath the Pacific surface. Charter a ship, like the Dream Catcher, to discover the thrills of bottom fishing.

dream catcher los suenos costa rica fishing

Book an exclusive bottom fishing tour with the Dream Catcher today.
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