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Subject: Tuna Charters: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 10:44AM by Lee Byard)

Hiding within Costa Rica’s deep waters is the Yellow Fin Tuna. This is a popular breed to chase -- with its long frame and high dorsal fins attracting the attention of every angler, golden gill rakers marking it as unique. Each season countless travelers venture into the Pacific to catch it.

They often do... but at a cost to their safety.

Without support from a charter service, like the Miss Behavin, anglers may find themselves overwhelmed.

miss behavin los suenos costa rica fishing

Yellow Fin Tuna--weighing over four hundred pounds and extending over ninety-four inches--is a large breed. It boasts a muscular frame, with a strong tail and stronger jaw. This marks it as a deep-sea predator.

It also marks it as a fish that is difficult to catch -- especially when anglers make the attempt on their own. 

Casual travelers may try to sail after the Yellow Fin Tuna, relying on basic tackle, assuming that simple lines will suffice. This is a mistake. These fish are prone to breaking lines, lures and reels. They are also powerful enough to pull inexperienced anglers from a boat, increasing the risk for injury.

It’s imperative, therefore, that individuals choose seasoned charter crews, like the one found on the Miss Behavin. These crews provide the necessary rigging, as well as stabilizing techniques, to ensure total safety. They can anticipate the Yellow Fin Tuna’s movements and then adapt to every need.

And this is necessary for a safe and successful trip.

miss behavin los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter an exclusive Yellow Fin Tuna tour on the Miss Behavin today.
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